Monday, September 09, 2019

I'm still processing my new year's resolutions in September

It's the second week of September already!

Time flies so fast when you are in the '40s. Especially from September, months pass so fast till the new year. When I was little I thought one day was so long.

Well, I made such a T-shirt in the past.

What did you decide at the beginning of the year? Do you remember? Are you sticking to it?

Mine was to do yoga every week and make money. I'm going to the Yoga studio at least twice a month and for the money part, well, there's a margin of growth still.

We've got 4 more months!

Life is beautiful, right?

Life is beautiful, do you agree on that?

I made this T-shirt.

Are you having a good life to feel that?

For me, there are good times and bad times.

It ’s a bit painful now, but not always.

You realize, life is not always good or bad, sometimes just gray or neutral.

It may seem bad at first glance, but later you found out that was a turning point to the good direction.

In fact, the people who are called successful people were born in a difficult situation or had a bad experience, Use that experience as a springboard. I don't have a good example right now though.

The future is difficult to see with fortune-telling.

Because it changes with your thoughts and actions.

Then why not walk with good thought and action?

My everyday chakra care

Chakra is a famous word in Naruto. Unlike the meanings used in Naruto, it is said that people have seven chakras from the hips to the top of the head in order.

Each one is represented by a corresponding color and role, starting from the bottom

1 = Red = Life force

2 = Orange = Partner relationship, human relationship

3 = Yellow = Self-esteem

4 = Green = Love

5 = Light blue = Expression

6 = Indigo blue = Eyes that see the truth

7 = purple = Connect with the universe

I took Reiki classes after I knew about chakras. I put hands to each chakra in the morning and night.

My hands get hot and when the chakra is imbalanced, my hands get tingling.

Team Earth Member since 2019, 2020 and proud member

Have you ever heard of that we are the member of a space ship called "Earth"?

A new life is born in this world! How exciting! Welcome to the earth. You are a new member of the planet earth. I wonder who are you gonna meet and where you will go and what are you gonna do in your life.

This star is your home. Let's use it clean and with care and love.

As a parent, I would like to provide a good world for the next generation.

I want to make a peaceful world.

I want them to have a good life, give what they need and want but at the same time, giving too much will spoil them. I don't want them to be wasteful.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Been there, Done that t-shirts for the master of the life.

Been there, done that! T-shirts from

Been there, done that! Nothing surprises him anymore, he got to experience almost everything. Perfect for the birthday gift for the master of life.