Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Team America

Finally, I saw Team America.

This movie was made by the creator of South Park. It was funny, ironic, and after you see this, you want to have sound track of the soundtrack
Actually it was the first movie to see this year at the theater. Last year, I saw "Lost in Translation" paying 10 bucks. The year before, I saw 24 hour party people. The movie chosen to see by me must be honored, except there is no award for that.

Once I was at home, I got an automatic survey call about movie. it said "How many movies have you seen in last 3 month?" I pressed "0", the machine said, "OK, THANK YOU!" cut!! too-too-too- <- br="" noise="" the="">
Living in L.A., I see a lots of people would say, "I want to make movie someday." Well, Good luck!