Thursday, February 07, 2013

Valentine's day love story

Emily and Ted has been dating for 3 years. Emily attended two weddings last year, and she will attend three weddings this year, and she will be a made of honor for one of them. Emily loves Ted so much, she thinks one day they will tie the knot, but whenever she tells him about her friend's wedding, he seems little uncomfortable.

Emily likes to browse wedding magazines. One day she will wear Vera Wang (style) dress, she takes lunch to work at least three times a week to save up for her dream wedding. For an engage ring, she hinted Ted what she wants every now and then. The ring she wants should costs at least Ted's one months worth salary, so Emily has been very considerate to suggest cheap date. She doesn't want future husband to have too much credit card balance.

Valentine's day is coming soon. Emily has been little uneasy. Are we really be together someday? I will be 30 soon. I don't want to confront to him because I know some friends lost relationships because the girls pressured boyfriends too much. Emily glance at Ted watching college basket ball game with light beer on his hand.

"Hey look at this." Emily finds "Trophy Wife Since 2013" t-shirts online. "I think I'll give to Jenna for her bachelorette party." "That's a good one. Get a Trophy Husband t-shirts for Joshua too." They will get married in march this year, and they are Emily & Ted's good friend.

"May be I need to get one of them for you too." Ted said to Emily shyly. Emily looked at Ted with surprise. Ted continued, "You want Tiffany Novo look like, right?"

*This is a fictional story