Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trophy Husband Since 2015 Tee and goods

Trophy Husband Since 2015 T-shirt for Upcoming happy grooms!! Other years are also available from here! 

Trophy Wife Since 2015 tees and goods

Trophy Wife Since 2015 tee is out!

For happy bride to be, bachelorette party gift!

There's apron, mugs, and more here too !

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

When Can I Retire? Zombie T-shirts for Halloween!

When Can I Retire? T-shirts for Halloween Costume!

How old are you and do you think you can retire at 60? or 65? or 70? 75? or never?
Sky high rent, food is more expensive than 1 year ago, $4.00/gallon gas is usual these days. Life for the ordinary people are getting tougher and tougher every single year. For Halloween, if you are becoming zombie and have a little worry about retirement, this could be a nice Halloween Costume for you!!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Trophy Husband Since 2014 T-shirts

Wedding season is coming! For June grooms,  Trophy Husband since 2014 t-shirts for wedding and bachelor party gift!  Peace wings apparel, Trophy Husband since 2014 tee 

Have a great wedding!

Trophy Husband T-shirts (black)

Trophy Husband T-shirts for your bachelor party and anniversary!

Peace Wings Apparel : Trophy Husband T-shirts 

We have your wedding year on the shirts. Trophy Husband Since (your wedding year)

Have a great day!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Trophy Wife Since 1994 T-shirts and goods

Trophy Wife Since 1994 t-shirts and goods for the 20th Anniversary!

Trophy Wife since your wedding year 

Trophy Wife Since 1984 T-shirts and goods

"Trophy Wife since 1984"t-shirts and goods in pink graphic. Happy 30th Anniversary!

 Trophy Wife since your wedding year t-shirts and goods from Peace Wings Apparel

Trophy Wife Since 1974 T-shirts

"Trophy Wife since 1974"t-shirts and goods in mint green graphics for the beautiful wife. Give her this trophy wife t-shirts and goods for your happy 40th anniversary!

 Trophy Wife t-shirts from Peace Wing Apparel Store

Trophy Husband Since 1994 T-shirts and goods

Do you remember what happened in 1994? If you got married in that year, happy anniversary!

Trophy Husband Since 1994 t-shirts and goods. 

Trophy Husband Since 1974 t-shirts and goods

1974, that's 40 years ago. 40th anniversary is called Ruby Anniversary. How about this "Trophy Husband Since 1974" t-shirts gift for him?

Peace Wings Apparel, Trophy Husband Since 1974 t-shirts and goods 

Trophy Husband Since 1984 t-shirts and goods

1984, What were you doing? If you got married on that year..

Trophy Husband Since 1984 t-shirts and goods. Happy 30th Anniversary!

Peace wings Apparel, Trophy Husband since 1984 t-shirts and goods. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

...Processing New Years Resolution T-Shirt

Weight loss, getting organized, eat well.. What's your new year's resolution this year? You can motivate yourself with this t-shirts. .. Processing New Year's Resolution tees and goods

Processing New Year's Resolution

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Team Earth : Member Since 2014 Tees

Team Earth : Member Since 2014 goods.

Perfect for the little one! Now the baby is a team member of the earth, show off his/her membership of the earth.