Sunday, March 21, 2021

The moon is beautiful = I Love You

 Back in early 1900th, Japanese famous writer Soseki Natsume translated English sentence, "I Love You" to "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?"

When I heard this, I was like, who's gonna get the idea?

In Japanese, we use "like" a lot when we tell each other's affection, but we do use "love" when we say "love towards animals" "love for trains" not for the conversational words to each other, but of course, there is love.

At the same time, there's two kinds of words to express love, that is "Koi" and "Ai (love)"

"Koi" is like, very flirting, romantic feeling and more self centered. I like him, I want to be with you, very passionate.

Love cares for the other person. I want that person to be happy.

Last Friday, after work, the moon was almost full moon so big and bright  at the still low, east side of the sky. It was so beautiful so I wanted to take a picture but with my old iPhone, couldn't take a good one. Looking at the my own eyes and pics are very different.

I still sent the pic to the person I cared for, saying, "look at the moon if you can, it's big and beautiful!"

I wanted to show, sharing the stuff I think it's cool, and looking at the same thing at the same time zone.

If you have that kind of feelings, maybe you love him/her somewhat I bet.


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