Friday, July 14, 2006

War is sad, bad, no good (to ordinary people)

Stop! World War III ~ Keep Peace, we can do it! scream to the world that war is bad, sad, mad, and no good.
Israel is attacking Lebanon.

Seems like Israel can get away from everything, attacking another countries, ignore the rules that UN decided. Why?

There are so many movies Jews were persecuted, like "Pianist" "Schindler's List" and on and on...

I saw these movies. I think that was terrible that happened, but not only Jews suffered from the war.

EVERYBODY DID (Except some powerful people who gain so much money after or duriing the war)

This world is getting more violent. We have to look close about what's happnening now.

This movie is about kids who suffered from Hiroshima bomb. I just hope something like this never happens again, or may be it's already happening in the middle east.

Grave of the Fireflies